Absolute Nutrition Lean Gainer Powder

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Absolute Lean Gainer is an excellent source for Building slabs of LEAN MUSCLE MASS providing high Quality Whey Protein Concentrate & Whey Protein Isolate. L-Glutamine helps reduce muscle breakdown and increases
the synthesis of Protein, post the workouts.
BCAA blend helps you recover from the loss of muscle and also gives you an extra edge to gain LEAN MUSCULAR BULK.
Superior Quality Protein from International producers has been sourced to develop Absolute Lean Gainer. The scientifically developed Protein/Carbohydrate ratio keeps your body energized all day long and helps build muscles leaner & stronger.
Directions for use are to be changed.
Directions for use: 100g( Two heaped scoops) in 250-300ml of water or milk.
Take twice a day or use as recommended by dietician or Licensed nutritionist or as advised by trainer.


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